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Covid-19 Safety

We are observing guidance from the Government and the Yoga Alliance UK. With this in mind we request the following

  • Bring your own mat

  • Maintain Social Distancing (there is ample room for this is the Barn)

  • Use the clearly signed separate Entrance and Exit

  • Hand sanitisers are available, please use on arrival.

  • Do not come to class if you have symptoms

  • For last minute class changes or information, see our Facebook and Insta page

  • Max 8 people per class - FB message, Email or Message via Instagram to book. 



Yoga is for EVERYONE, it opens the eyes and opens the soul. You don't need to be flexible or sporty to enjoy the endless benefits of practicing yoga.

  • Unwind the mind

  • Move your body 

  • Improve flexibility

  • Build strength

  • Find total body release

  • Cultivate mindfulness and presence

There are so many forms of yoga there will be a type of practice perfect for what you are looking for. Check out the class descriptions. 

Beginners Yoga

This class is perfect is you are brand new to yoga or would like to become more familiar with asana that is used in the flow classes. This is a very adaptable class, slow flowing with lots of focus on alignment and breath work. A great way to unwind from the day and gently awaken the body and breath.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a much slower and stiller class. Yin is designed to work and release the deep connective tissues and muscles of the body. We hold poses for a longer amount of time (between 2 and 6 minutes) and so this can be a beautifully meditative practice. 

Where warm clothes or bring layers for this class.

 Slow FlowVinyasa  

Slow Flow Vinyasa classes are flowing Hatha Yoga classes designed to move the whole body in a dynamic way to build strength and flexibility.  As this practice is slow it allows more time to get into poses, find alignment and still the mind. We use music in these classes and incorporate pranayama breathing practices and some meditation.

Restorative Yoga

Taking rest is radical. This class uses fully supported poses with props such as blankets and bolsters to find deep relaxation and release. Poses are held for between 3 and 10 minutes to allow for radical rest and to calm the mind.

Meditation, Pranayama breathing pracices and sometimes Mantra is used in this class.

Wear warm clothing for this practice of nourishment.